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General terms and conditions

These conditions are an integral component of the objective contract.

  1. I take full responsibility for the bicycle(s) and equipment for the whole term of rent.
  2. I hereby declare that I and everyone using the bicycle(s) I am now renting have the necessary experience to use it/them, and that I have tested and checked its/their perfect working condition (frame size, saddle height, brakes, gear change, head lamp, bell, reflector …). I have tried the bicycle(s) at a distance of at least 200 m. The height of the handlebar can be adjusted only by an employee of Funactive Tours GmbH or by a specialized workshop.
  3. In case of loss of the rental object by theft or total loss or bicycle damage the participant has to pay 50% of the market value of the rental object if a 21 gear, 7 gear trekking bike or tandem and 60% of the market value of the rental object if an electric bike, mountain bike or road bike.
  4. In case of theft or loss of the rental object the participant has to make a report to the local police authority (in any case).
  5. The participant undertakes to pay Funactive Tours GmbH for any wilful damages on the rental equipment as well as the accessories, including a possible puncture at the amount of € 8.00.
  6. Improper or wilful damage of the equipment will be billed according to the valid price list.
  7. The exchange of the rental object during the contract period for an equivalent item, or an item of higher category is available anytime for an additional charge. The refund in exchange for a rental object of a cheaper category, however, is impossible.
  8. The rental fee must be paid at the time of issuance. Latest date of return is 09 o’clock in the morning of the following day. The participant agrees to return the rental equipment and accessories in the original condition at the place agreed on, within the arranged time, as stated in the contract.
  9. In case that the rented equipment, from whatever reason, will not be returned properly, Funactive Tours GmbH makes a report of theft against the participant on the seventh day overdue.
  10. The early termination of the rental contract is possible by returning the rental object, but no refund of the agreed rental fee will be given. Refunds are only issued/given due to sickness and / or accident, ​​under presentation of a medical certificate.
  11. We point out that while using public roads and streets the local laws and regulations must be strictly complied with. Funactive Tours GmbH assumes no liability in case of accident. I understand that all members of my party are required to abide by national rules of the road, including not cycling while under the influence of alcohol and not cycling while using a cellular phone. Any violations of the national rules of the road are my responsibility, including paying fines, fees or bicycle impoundment costs for retrieving the bicycle(s). I understand that Funactive Tours GmbH recommends that all participant wear a helmet while cycling.
  12. As defined by Article 13 of the Italian Satute/Legislative Decree No. 196/03 (Privacy Law), the participant hereby declares to have been informed about the handling modality and the purposes of the data processing as well as his rights provided for by article 7 of the Legislative Decree No. 196/03 and subsequent changes. By signing these General Terms and Conditions the participant confirms expressly to have received the above mentioned information and therefore gives his consent to the processing, including the transmission and diffusion of their personal data by Funactive Tours GmbH.
  13. The agreement reaches its full validity after payment.
  14. Cancellation fees:
    A client can cancel the contract at any time before departure. This must be done in writing. In case of cancellation or non arrival the following cancellation fees will be charged: Up to 4 days before rental: 5%(processing fee); From 3 days before tour begin or no-show: 100% of total cost
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  • We will find for every type the right bike and adapt the bike based on height and physique of the person using it.
  • Take advantage of the possibility to rent the bike and to give it back in any rental station of “Südtirol Bike”.
  • Depending on the route we offer a shuttle bus transfer, either at the beginning or at the of the tour.
  • Discover our combined packages "rental and transfer"!
  • We offer different tours with the city bike, mountain bike or road bike.
Exploring the Dolomites and the valley Pustertal by bike